Side pipes have always been a part of Corvette’s history.  From the very beginning, prototype Corvettes sported side pipes, but it wasn’t until 1965 that General Motors first introduced side exhaust as an option, lasting only 4 years.

Now, SideEffects reintroduces the history of side pipes, with a new, state-of-the art design for today’s high-tech Corvette, and its discriminating driver.

Notice the deep, throaty exhaust rumble… and the powerful sound, for those who like performance.

We all hear things differently.  We’re moved by the sounds we hear, and the sounds we like.

Sound… for those who want performance… And sound… for those who want it a little more quiet.

You’ll notice that the sound is powerful… yet quiet enough for conversation.  Or your favorite music.

Different sounds for different people.

For those wanting a more powerful-sounding exhaust, the sport option gives you performance excitement.  On the other hand, the touring sound option is for those wanting it a little quieter, but would still like to have that deep throaty exhaust sound.  Both options provide a pleasant-sounding exhaust at all speeds, while allowing conversation and use of the radio.

No matter what sound option you choose, SideEffects will add a whole new personality to your Corvette.

SideEffects.  Side-mounted exhausts for your Corvette.

Enjoy the sound; the distinguished look, and added performance.

Recapture a piece of history… Side Pipes.       YEAH!

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